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I have not yet begun to fight

Duc De Duras
20 July 1974

The Duc de Duras
In 1765 a 900-ton merchant vessel, DUC DE DURAS, was built in France for the East India Company for trading between France and the Orient. In nearly ten years, that ship would play a historic role in America's fight for independence.

On February 4, 1779, the Continental Congress placed this fleet under the command of the 33 year old, Captain John Paul Jones. Swiftly, Jones refitted the Duc de Duras increasing her firepower to 20 guns a side, and renamed her Bonhomme Richard.

John Paul Jones is and has been for most of my life one of my personal heros. I have always admired his accomplishments and his actions. This is not to say he was a perfect model of a person. Simply that there are aspects of him that I would greatly like to embody in myself.

This journal will likely be a new step for me. I've decided to make some signficant changes in my life in the upcomming future. Here is where they start.